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Architecture / Real Estate

My Clients include Architect's, Builders, Property Managers, Realtors and Homeowners. Creating a lasting impression with interesting and unique imagery builds interest to see more of that house, room or property. The images I create for Real Estate Professionals are usually used in portfolios, brochures, editorial advertising and MLS.

Real Estate Agent Photography Package $199.00(Properties up to 3500 Sq. Ft)

This Package includes 1-3 hours shooting time, 20- 30 finished images.All rooms,exterior angles and features of special interest on the property will be photographed in accordance with the directives of client. The Client will sign off on all images before the photographer leaves the premises. This insures all needed images are taken. All selected images will be retouched,color corrected and sized for appropriate use. Two sets of images: one low resolution for web use(8x12 72 dpi) one high resolution for print use(8x12 300 dpi) All clients will receive an archive account folder on Simply go to client images/real estate and select your folder.Your folder will contain your listings organized by address.Within this folder you will have your choice of High or Low resolution to use for web or print applications. These images will be accessible 24/7 for your convenience,they will also be archived for 6 months.After the 6 months you will be notified of deletion.You can always download any of your files within the 6 month period.

Properties from 3500-5000 Sq. Ft…..$299.00

Properties above 5000 Sq. Ft will be quoted.

Aerial Still Photography...........$200.00

(includes up to 7-10 angles and view)

Video will be quoted.

All properties are unique and some require more thought and expertise.This is when my years of experience,attention to detail and array of professional equipment makes the difference. You will always be dealing with me, a Local Photographer/Digital Artist.With my services there are no layers of sales people,schedulers,account reps etc..etc…I am the person that will meet with you at the property. I will listen to what you require and also go over your shooting options and advise you on what I think will be the most effective imagery for the property.I will be retouching the images and if there is a special need you have I will try my very best to supply you with the best and most economic solution to the issue.

Custom Architectural Photography Services

This service is a completely custom commercial photography shoot.I will scout the location for the best times of day to shoot for each particular room and exterior feature.Shooting may involve specialty lighting, staging,multiple shooting days, waiting on weather,the use of aerial photography or re-shooting after renovations. This service price will be quoted after a client consultation and a shot list of “must have images”are agreed upon.All images will be presented to the client and all shots will be signed off on by the client.All images will be retouched,formatted and sized for the clients specific applications. I can also provide Custom Designed Sell sheets,Post Cards,Posters Brochures and Yard Signs just to name a few products I can create for you. Just tell me what you need and I can probably provide you with any print service you require.

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